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APEX LAB-We are providing these service for our customers.
1. APEX LAB-Design the complete laboratory solution.
    We have become a profession team with the 30 years experience. We always try to enlarge our human resouce of every specific industries.
    Today, we have the ability to provide several-for-one service. To complete a large scale laboratory, we will specific the laboratory equipment with different function in different fields to our engineers. They will focus on the customers requirements, collect information and make multiple proposals fast. In this way, our customer can get high quality lab solution in a short time.
2. APEX LAB-Design the lab technological process
    We have established our own testing standards library which covers a wide range of different industry. We can provide detail testing standards and test process for our customer to help them make their lab better. We also provide suggestions on our customers lab regulations. 
3. APEX LAB-Training Service.
 Good method on using and operating lab equipment can greatly improving the testing accurate, improve the product quality and lengthen the service life of your instrument. This can help engineer to complete the testing.
 APEX provide training service for equipment using and for the collective industry knowledge. Our aim is to spread complete laboratory knowledge, train common users to be professional operator.
4. APEX LAB-Third Party Quality Inspection Service 
    We do not produce every lab instrument and equipment, but we are trying to provide more convenient and fast service to our customers. If you are looking for some to help you check the quality of product you are going to order from China. We are the one you can trust.
5.APEX LAB- Lab Environment Purification
    The knowledge and skills of the operator is invaluable, so does their body and life. There is no 100% safe lab, but we can make solution with low cost to greatly avoid any know dangerous damage from your lab.
6. APEX LAB-Electric Customize Service.
     Fortunately, we are living in a riches and colorful world.   
     Electric voltage and frequency are different in different place. A high cost effective product may can not suitable your voltage and frequency.  Please do not worry. APEX provide a service to adjust the voltage and frequency condition.

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