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Refinery Laboratory Equipment List

Refinery Laboratory Equipment List

Moisture meter   Trace Moisture Analyzer   Laser particle size analyzer   Fast Intelligent sulfur measurement instrument

Semiconductor freezing point tester   Saturated vapor pressure tester   Flash Point tester   Oxygen analyzer

Conductivity Meter   Electric furnace carbon residue tester   gas detector   Open Flash Point Tester

Conradson carbon analyzer   Demulsibility tester   Turbidity   Sodium ion concentration meter

Distillate fuel oil oxidation stability tester   Freezing Point Tester   Crude oil and product moisture analyzer   Petroleum products distillation analyzer

Gum tester   Saybolt color analyzer   Antioxidant properties of lubricating foam analyzer   Digital silicate analyzer

Microcomputer digital conductivity carbon and sulfur analyzer   Copper corrosion analyzer   Atomic absorption spectrophotometer   Abbe refractometer

Air compressor   Binocular Microscope   CO2 meter   colorimeter


drying oven   Fiber Analyzer   Food filling machine   Food Testing equipment

formaldehyde detector   Freeze dryer   Impurities filter   Lab mixer

Lab PH meter   Lab Vacuum Mixer   moisture analyzer   muffle furnace

Nitrogen Evaporators   Nitrogen Generator   Orbital Shaker   Pallet scales
Precision Balances   radiation detector   Refractometer   whiteness meter

Rotary viscometer   soxhlet extraction apparatus   spectrophotometer   sterilizer

Temperature and humidity recorder   Toxic detector   turbidimeter   Vacuum packaging machine

Vacuum pump   water bath shaker   water deionizer   Water Hardness Tester

water salinity meter