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Disintegrator, micronizing mill use and maintenance

 Disintegrator, micronizing mill use and maintenance:

1, the host, grader, bearing every 48 hours once the Canada-US oil slick. Host can operate at a temperature below 70 ℃.
2, the replacement of wearing parts: the body can be opened, replace parts. Before the boot disk spindle required, check for unusual sounds found problems in time. To avoid damage to components.
3, uniform feed requirements in order to maintain the quality and normal production crush prohibited motor overload operation.
4, Disintegrator, micronizing mill is working at high speed, non-flammable, explosive materials into the body, or peril.
5, Disintegrator, micronizing mill control fineness is adjustable, and if adjustment, adjustable intermediate oblique blade machine. Loose screws along the axis about suitable date.