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Spectrometer,Mineral analyzer APEX  ZJL500

Spectrometer,Mineral analyzer APEX ZJL500




Introduce:Using a completely redesigned ray tube, no high-voltage power lines, no RF noise, better X-ray shielding. The structure is more sophisticated, shorten…

Detailed product information

Handheld portable spectrometers

 Firstly Spectrometer,Mineral analyzer unique properties1. Using a completely redesigned ray tube, no high-voltage power lines, no RF noise, better X-ray shielding.

2. The structure is more sophisticated, shortening the distance ray tube, detector and the sample between the signal for some applications improved to 40%.
3. The new filter wheel lighter, thinner, at the position closer to the sample, with 8 filters, can be adapted to the maximum configuration, the different elements of different filters to produce the best analytical results.Handheld portable spectrometers is commonly used for Laboratory equipment.

4. More than one third of the body made of aluminum alloy shell design, the top of the instrument has a dedicated slot cooling device, the entire system so that cooling is very effective to extend the life of the machine, X-ray analyzer work more and more stable, so the failure rate is very low.
5. Built-in barometer pressure can be corrected, barometer pressure sensor can be adjusted depending on the pressure, which is more accurate detection value, instrument presets sea, the mountains or the next user to test a mine, again without calibration, which point is very important for the analysis of light elements.
6. Built-in accelerator can detect movement and vibration of the instrument when not in standby, when work picks up.
7. intelligent feeder extra seat can charge the battery while charging the internal battery and instrument displays charging progress, connecting the seat can be connected to a computer to exchange data, allowing immediate standardized instrument, the instrument on standby status.
8. Even in the boot state apparatus can also replace the battery and do not need to shut down, unplug the battery in the operation of the system, there are more than 30 seconds of time to insert a new battery.
9. The instrument does not need to standardize the boot can be directly tested, standardization is only available option.
10. The instrument housing made of aluminum alloy, plastic design, durable, soft rubber handle design, feel good, more suitable for prolonged use.
11. The instrument has a very good balance, when you can stand the test bench, one-touch button design, even if the operation is no longer fatigue.
12. Optional GIS data collection hand book TRIMBLE, by Arcpad software and GPS data to achieve binding instrument test information can be mineralized point spread via Bluetooth on TRIMBLE, longitude and then automatically generated with the TRIMBLE, latitude, elevation to connect, to achieve the test information with GPS synchronization.
13. Data and GPS synchronization output, GPS information is automatically attached at each test results, these results can be automatically referenced professional geophysical analysis software.
14.GPS enabling user customization.
15. Optional GIS data collection hand book TRIMBLE data generated can easily be referenced ioGAS software that can perform a variety of statistics, 3D rendering Geological Survey map, which can produce Google to search for files. You can easily find Live Maps by Google, Explorer test each point can be displayed on the screen are the actual map, simply select a point on the map screen, you can view the analysis of data and GPS data.
16. The industrial grade touch screen integrated with the host seal designed to withstand harsh outdoor work environment. The instrument can be sealed in the rain, dusty mining environment for a long time to work.Handheld portable spectrometers is commonly used for Laboratory equipment.

Secondly Spectrometer,Mineral analyzer technical performance1. truly on-site non-destructive, rapid and accurate detection, direct display ppm and percentage content of the element content.
2. Just the (classic) ore ore analyzer in direct contact with the surface to be measured, without waiting for the site and spend time to determine ore grades.
3. The object to be detected may be a sample of the ore, rock, slag, debris; soil, dirt, mud; dust, dirt, filtrate, the thin film layer; waste water, waste oil and so solid, liquid substances.
The world's fastest speed of analysis, only five seconds to identify ore elements.
5. Users of windows CE 6.0 system drive microcomputer display system enables all functions Jieke site is complete, users of windows CE retain only the most basic performance-related windows Delta system, making the program more flexible.
6. without the aid of a computer, you can optionally specify the scene, view, zoom spectrum of related elements.
7. dust, fog, water: one machine design, soft and plastic parts convex groove & groove construction design, the instrument has a good three anti-performance, can withstand the harsh operating environment, fog, rain, tooling dusty field can also work.
8. belts, holsters, shoulder strap can instrument firmly fixed in your waist, movable freely in the wild.
9. The higher detection accuracy, the average value of statistics of several tests can effectively improve the detection accuracy of the instrument.
10. Large icon display, menu-driven, microcomputer WINDOWS operating system makes the instrument easier.
11. Electromagnetic interference is shielded, can work even in the near phone or two-way wireless communication device.Handheld portable spectrometers is commonly used for Laboratory equipment.

Third Spectrometer,Mineral analyzer specificationDimensions: 245x250x88mm;
Weight <1.5KG
Humidity 0 to 95%; Environmental Operating Temperature -20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃; bright yellow, black, silver and white and white, very suitable for field work.
Excitation source: High-power electron X-ray micro-straight tube, the built-selectable voltage 10kV ~ 40kV multistage; no high-voltage cables, no radio frequency noise, a better X-ray shielding, better heat dissipation
Ray tube target: Ag, Au target
X-ray detector: Si-Pin detector with high sensitivity
Cooling system: Peltier thermostat uses a cooling system, the controller operates measured at -35 ℃, influence to ensure detection accuracy of the instrument, and from the outside temperature
Filter: eight filters can automatically switch
Voltage, Current: Voltage 10 ~ 40kv, current 100
 related products:Also called spectrometer spectrometer, widely cognitive for direct reading spectrometer. Device for measuring intensity of different wavelength position of spectrum line by photoelectric multiplier tube. It consists of an entrance slit, a dispersion system, an imaging system and one or more exit slit. The wavelength or wavelength region needed to be separated from the electromagnetic radiation of the radiating element, and the intensity was determined at the selected wavelength (or scanning a band). Divided into two kinds of monochromator and spectrometer.