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APEX-LJJ052  Distribution Cabinet,Power Distribution Cabinet

APEX-LJJ052 Distribution Cabinet,Power Distribution Cabinet




Introduce:APEX-LJJ052 Distribution Cabinet,Power Distribution Cabinets, Distribution Cabinet is commonly used for food lab equipment.The main purpose: This con…

Detailed product information

APEX-LJJ052 Distribution Cabinet

Firstly, Distribution Cabinet,Power Distribution Cabinets, Distribution Cabinet is commonly used for food lab equipment.The main purpose:

This control cabinet is the company's flour mill equipment for AC 50HZ, rated insulation voltage 

500V, rated operating voltage AC 380V, rated current less than 800A of the power control system. 

Usually installed in the vicinity of flour machine for single or multiple motors in situ and remote control.

Secondly,Distribution Cabinet,Power Distribution Cabinets, Distribution Cabinet is commonly used for food lab equipment.Structural features:

1,control cabinet frame structure, fastened with screws to connect the left and right side. Built with 

high quality metal cabinet enclosure made of bent steel, high mechanical strength. 

2,door is concealed hinges, removable valve, open the door back and forth. At 600mm wide cabinet, 

the back of the double doors. 

3,control cabinet can also be a single use of multiple parallel installation, cable entry is under way into 

the next out. 

4,cabinet components for the installation of both sides, in the middle of the way into the bus. Operating 

switch is operating outside the cabinet agencies, power to open doors, convenient and safe to operate. 

Element fixed on 35mm rail, disassembly quickly and easily. 

5,circuit program is complete, single or multiple in situ; remote and dual control, reversing; delta buck 

starts (75kW or less);. 

6,The basic control cabinet composed mainly of busbars,components (disconnectors, circuit breakers, 

contactors and thermal relays), instrumentation and cabinet and other components. 

7,doors are welded to the housing ground screw shell and to ensure reliable connection. 

8,control cabinet with three-phase four wire system, with  zero ground busbar. Normal conditions  of use 

9,ambient air temperature does not exceed +40  not lower than -25 , and within 24 hours the average 

temperature does not exceed +35 

10,ambient air relative humidity at +40  maximum temperature does not exceed 50% at a lower temperature 

allows a higher relative humidity, such as 90% at +20 . In storage, transportation temperature is 

between -25  to +50 short time does not exceed +70 . Should be taken into account due to temperature

changes may occasionally produce moderate condensation. 

11,installation site altitude does not exceed 2000mm. 

12,equipment should be installed in the absence of severe vibration and impact areas, and not enough to make 

electrical components from corrosion and rain invasion sites. 

13,installation and the vertical gradient of not more than 5 °. 

14,If special conditions exist, the user should I propose to negotiate a special agreement reached.

Thirdly,Distribution Cabinet,Power Distribution Cabinets, Distribution Cabinet is commonly used for food lab equipment.

Technical Data 

1,standards and specifications GB7251 

2,clearances and creepage distance: Rated impulse withstand voltage (uimp) 6KV / Overvoltage category: IV 

3,Rated insulation voltage: AC500V; 

4,Rated frequency: 50HZ 

5,rated working voltage: AC220V or AC380V; 

6,auxiliary circuit operating voltage: AC220V or AC380V; 

7,Rated current: 800A main bus is less. 

8,skeleton and shell components: L sections welded frame

using a standard shell with high-quality cold-rolled steel, steel thickness 1.5mm. 

9,door: with high-quality cold-rolled steel, steel plate thickness 2mm. 

10,Protection class: to IP30. 

11,Dimensions: Height: 1200,1600,2100 mm Width: 500,600,800,900 mm 

Thickness: 350,500,600 mm



ralated products:Distribution box into power distribution cabinet (box) and lighting power distribution cabinet (box), metering cabinet (box), is a final equipment of a distribution system. Distribution cabinet is a general designation of the motor control center. Distribution cabinet used in the load more scattered, less loop occasions; motor control center for centralized load, loop more occasions. They distribute the power of a circuit of the upper level power distribution equipment to the nearest one. This level of equipment should provide protection, monitoring and control of the load.