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Laboratory economical UV-VIS Spectrophotometer  APEX-LJ407

Laboratory economical UV-VIS Spectrophotometer APEX-LJ407



Standard:GB/T 26798-2011

Introduce:☆uv-vis spectrophotometer,food lab equipmentIntroduction: APEX-LJ407 uv-vis spectrophotometer is an economic analysis instruments with RS232 output. …

Detailed product information

☆uv-vis spectrophotometer,food lab equipment Introduction:
APEX-LJ407 uv-vis spectrophotometer is an economic analysis instruments with RS232 output. Excellent metering accuracy is higher than the same file instrument.
It can be widely used in medicine, clinical examination, biochemical, petrochemical, environmental protection, quality control, judicial criminal investigation, inspection and quarantine forestry, geological exploration, food testing, and other industries, is the physical and chemical laboratory analytical instruments
☆uv-vis spectrophotometer,food lab equipment Features:
1.APEX-LJ407 uv-vis spectrophotometer with built-in microcomputer panel equipped with a simple key operation, the LCD display window, without the need for a PC control, can operate independently.
2.The instrument uses a CT optical system has the advantage of low stray light.
3.The instrument has a lasting stability and reliability.Sample chamber is large, optional wide range of accessories. Such as configuring the micro-sample holder and the small sample cell, a micro-sample test analysis.
4.Instrument equipped with standard RS-232C communication port and parallel printer port. 
5.User application software and the PC with Microsoft Windows systems online, the photometric measurements, quantitative test, time scanning and data processing functions, the analytical work better.
☆uv-vis spectrophotometer,food lab equipment Main specification

 Optical system  CT grating monochromator, 1200/mm
 Wavelength range  195 nm ~ 1020 nm
 Spectral bandwidth  5nm
 Wavelength accuracy  ± 2nm
 Wavelength repeatability  1.0nm
 Photometric range  0 to 199.0%, 0 ~ 1.999A, 0 ~ 1999C
 Photometric accuracy  ± 0.5% T
 Photometric Repeatability  0.3% T
  Measurement of optical path  100nm
 Stray light  ≤0.3% T (220nm Department)
 Stability  ± 0.004A / h (500nm, warm-up to one hour)
 Display   LCD 4
 Signal output  RS232C
 Light  6V10W imports PHILIP tungsten lamp imported long-life deuterium lamp
 Operating voltage  220/110VAC 50-60Hz



             UV - visible spectrophotometer specification
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