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ebola protective gear,protective equipment  APEX-ZJL

ebola protective gear,protective equipment APEX-ZJL




Introduce:Recently APEX received large quantity of orders and consultation of Ebola epidemic prevention equipment. With the purpose of response rapidly, and to …

Detailed product information

Ebola / diseases /  protective equipment list 

Recently APEX received large quantity of orders and consultation of ebola protective gearprotective equipment. 

With the purpose of response rapidly, and to supply goods in the shortest time,

we feild visited numbers of enterprises with high reputation,and organized many common and complete sets of ebola protective gearprotective equipment.


High-risk examination gloves $10.5
Household gloves $9.45
Surgical gloves $0.45
Disposable surgical gowns $3
Disposable masks $0.12
Disposable caps $0.06
Garbage bags $0.18
Bed pads  $0.3
HTH70%  $11.25
Body bags: $13.5
Alcohol  based hands sanitized $19.5
Scrub suit (reusable $70.5
Boots (reusable) $18.75
Aprons (reusable) $118.5
Goggles (reusable) $15
Sprayer 12 Liters $27
Sprayer 1 Liter $8.25
Cotton blouse S $18.75
Cotton blouse M $19.5
Cotton blouse L $20.25
Cotton blouse XL $22.5
Product Name Price
 Goggles $6.25
Head covers $1544
Masks $970
gloves $18
Protective suits $244



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