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Mobile laboratory

 1.The Mobile laboratory Introduction:

The Mobile laboratory is fixed laboratory features complement and extend.It is easy to move off-site experiments to solve the inconvenience, carrying difficulties and many other problems.

2.The Mobile laboratory uses:
Its launch can truly achieve "rapid test" on-site rapid decision-making, effective solution to emergency monitoring and remote areas, inspection requirements, to make up for the traditional fixed laboratory and the lack of monitoring vehicle is stationary laboratory can not replace.

3.The Mobile laboratory System Components:
The Mobile laboratory System is mainly composed of temperature and humidity control system、electrical and lighting systems and shock system composition and so on.
(1) temperature and humidity control system
Military vehicle equipped with heating and air conditioning unit can be set working conditions, wind speed and temperature, with dehumidifying and air purifying functions. At low temperatures can be started normally. Air volume can be manually adjusted according to need, the maximum guarantee the equilibrium temperature field. Air between laboratories set up a separate, avoid cross-contamination. Body using a patented technology laminated insulation measures to ensure the harsh climatic conditions, laboratory temperature can be controlled at 24 ℃ ± 2 ℃. Real-time measurement in the workspace can display temperature and humidity inside the laboratory.
(2) electrical and lighting systems
a. Power Supply System
Mobile laboratory equipped with a 15KW diesel generators imported ultra-quiet and import regulation system to ensure that in working condition, the voltage fluctuation range does not exceed 3%. With an external power supply and UPS power supply board, can provide AC 220V/50Hz power and 12V DC power supply. Ensure the normal use of the instrument board.
Cable tray configurations for connecting external mains, can achieve automatic switching.
b. Lighting System
Entire mobile test chamber using energy-saving cold light illumination, illumination of 600 lux, ensuring the laboratory illumination.
c. Distribution System
Power supply system with centralized control distribution box, with a voltage regulator, short circuit, overload, leakage alarm protection, and the brightest have separate control power switch, controlled separately.
d. socket and power supply
Relative position of the table layout embedded socket, can meet a variety of laboratory instrumentation, sockets capacity 250V/10A.
(3). shock system
3.1 The three damping
Overall system uses a patented shock absorption programs to achieve multi-level vibration. Vehicle using eight airbags suspension damping manner to ensure that the mobile lab in the process of moving in all directions damping effect. The instrument is installed between the cabinet and the floor of stainless steel wire rope shock absorbers, instrument cabinet laying rubber pads, some of the instruments needed overlay cabinet rigid sponge foam damping pad, each instrument cabinets, storage cabinets are equipped with a fixed pull band, to ensure safe and reliable fixed during transportation.
Vehicle instrument uses patented technology damping device, effectively ensuring the damping effect of precision instruments.
3.2 body vibration
In the test site, by the support system, support the entire body together to reduce the vibration of the vehicle body in the detection process.
(4)Dust System
4.1 Seal
Windows, doors, flooring vehicle for dust, rain sealing strip to prevent external dust intrusion.
4.2 Ventilation
Overhead car air-conditioning ventilation function, return air from the room air is discharged from the outlet to introduce fresh air.
4.3 corrosion
The car's interior features a composite material with good corrosion resistant performance. Tops are corrosion resistant to physical and chemical plate, sink, faucet corrosion-resistant materials.
(5) Security Protection System
5.1 Cabling
Laboratory 220V power supply and 12V DC power supply separate alignment, high-power electrical devices are also separate wiring. Drainage system pumps and sensor systems and water supply some of the physical isolation.
5.2 Grounding
Brazing with copper grounding with grounding cable to meet the laboratory's basic needs for grounding resistance.
5.3 Fire
In testing vehicles Install smoke alarms with vehicle-mounted fire extinguishers and equipment to ensure the safety of occupants.
5.4 Reversing Monitoring System
Equipped with a video surveillance camera with dual reversing color monitor, hang up automatically when reverse gear is open, you can manually open the rear view camera and monitor two experimental zone monitoring screen can be manually switched.
(6)to the drainage system
Mobile laboratory water and living water separately, laboratory water with a special water tank and water tank, using a small laboratory dedicated pump water faucet and DC. Net, water tank equipped with level sensors on the control panel in the circuit level alarm switch. Plus net tank provided with an upper inlet, outlet water tank connected to the lower part of the sewage pipe corrosion and drain valves, provide extension pipeline, according to the need for wastewater discharge.
Configuring a laboratory dedicated water purification machines, the system of water reaches the laboratory water standards.
(7)Gas System:
Mobile lab to achieve the overall layout of the laboratory gas. In the luggage compartment of the three cylinders mounted bracket and a high purity hydrogen generator can install nitrogen, compressed air, helium and other gases used in laboratory bottles, to ensure test requirements. In the luggage compartment and the experimental area of ​​the gas alarm device installed to ensure the safety test.
(8)Other basic equipment
8.1 Workbench
According to the laboratory request custom workbench. Tops, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, acid and alkali real psychology of boards, countertops need to produce instruments under the lower cabinets or drawers. Instrument cabinet equipped with a special lock to prevent the open road.
8.2 The laboratory chairs
Providing laboratory dedicated seats, removable, can be fixed, you can lift, ergonomic, driving fixed pull straps on the floor.
8.3. Car refrigerator
Installation and bench testing vehicles, equipment cabinet that blends car refrigerator for laboratory reagents, rapid detection of microbial enzyme reagent and sample storage. Car refrigerator freezer area and is divided into cold storage area.

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