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3.9mm 2/4 Way Articulation Inspection Camera

 APEX A39-4.3 is a handheld type inspection camera which has 2/4 way articulation function. It is designed based on optical, precision machinery, electronic technology and micro imaging technology.  This is one of the most advanced NDT inspection instrument, simple operation.

A39-4.3 is widely used to examine the industrial pipelines or narrow internal space of complex equipment, including corrosion, crack, welding, wear and spare parts.


1. Handheld type, user can take it to the working site easily, work with rechargeable batteries which provide continuous working time longer than 3.5 hrs.
2. User friendly design, the operation is convenient and simple. Has image capture and video recording function.
3. Testing cable covered by 4 layers of tungsten alloy cloth, articulation parts is protected by external coating wear-resistant steel braided. It can work in difficult conditions.
4. Manual mechanical control of articulation, bending angle up to 120 degree.
5. 4.3 inch LCD display, to provide smooth, real, clear, stable dynamic picturestatic detection; It also has amplification, contrast function.
6. Can work with side view mirror to do a more accurate inspection.